Update: Leiomy featured in television and print ads for Smirnoff UK!

Catch Leiomy in the television and print ads for Smirnoff Europe! Smirnoff's new campaign features Leiomy, DaShauan Wesley, and several other prominent voguers. Check out the commercial below!

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Press: Leiomy featured in "Voguing is Back: This is Why You Should Care"

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"She strides along a high catwalk, bathed in crimson light, the beat driving her every movement like doof-doof-doof. She drops to all fours, spinning on her knees in a fluid rhythm as the MC talks energetically over her, punctuating the soundtrack like percussion – “Play! Play! Play! Play!”

Leiomy Maldonado – stunning, snakeskin catsuit, leather heels – has the complete attention of every single person in the place. She whips her long blonde hair like a flaxen blur as she picks herself up from the floor before throwing herself back down again in dramatic collapse. She is slaying it."

Updates: Leiomy performs with F.K.A Twigs!

Called on by F.K.A Twigs herself, Leiomy joined the international music star for a performance during her "Congregata" Tour (as part of the Red Bull Music Academy) in Brooklyn on May 18, 2015. Here is a compilation of clips of Leiomy's performances (Video Credit: You Tuber NinoSucio):