Described as “electrifying”, “fearless”, and “inspirational”, internationally recognized vogue dancer and instructor, Leiomy Maldonado, has been wowing audiences and blazing trails since the age of 16. A Bronx, NY native, Leiomy was introduced to the dance form of “voguing” through New York City’s underground “Ballroom Scene”, an extravagant community created by impoverished Black and Latino LGBT youth to safely express themselves and revel in the allure of fabulous pageants and dance battles designed to mirror the wealthy lifestyles they so often dreamed of living. As a young transgender woman, Leiomy found acceptance, a sense of community, and safety within the scene.

She has these moments where she moves in ways that seem almost inhuman, or superhuman; truly defying expectation and transcending the reality of the moment - it's like she has the ability to manipulate time.

- Jeremy Shaw

In 2009, Leiomy made history as the first transgender woman to appear on MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” (Season 4) as a member of the openly gay dance group “Vogue Evolution”. Although eliminated in episode 5 of the season, “Vogue Evolution” garnered an international fan base. Not only did their appearance reintroduce the world to the art of voguing, but also to Leiomy’s immense talent, grace, and iconic hair flips. Among those struck by Leiomy were the A-List actor couple, Will & Jada Smith. In 2010, when it was time for their daughter, Willow, to shoot the music video for her hit single “Whip My Hair”, the Smiths invited Leiomy to appear in the video and show the world how to whip their hair accordingly. Her signature move, the “Leiomy Lolly”, has inspired choreography performed by Britney Spears and Beyoncé.

She has always been an inspiration to me. I am not a voguer, but seeing how she goes into a battle and takes over is an inspiration for life itself. When ever I feel like life is bringing me down, I just watch her clips and it makes me feel powerful. She is a force of light.

- H. Perez

Leiomy’s repertoire of gravity-defying back flips, spins, and dips has earned her the nickname “La Mujer Maravilla” or “Wonder Woman”. Fans are often left in awe of her abilities (“How does she move like heels?!”). This continued captivation with Leiomy has led to several more features in music videos (Icona Pop’s “Paris is Burning” inspired music video for “All Night” and Nick Audain’s “Girls [in high heels]”). International Digital Artist, Jeremy Shaw, chose Leiomy as his muse and main subject for his film piece titled “Variation FQ”. The esteemed, world renowned Museum of Modern Art in New York City, chose Leiomy as one of five dancers for a special showcase in 2014. Most recently, Pop-Artist F.K.A Twigs recently called on Leiomy to join her NYC “Congregata” tour.

...anyone could feel the dedication and passion you have for your craft. Your humble spirit makes it a plus! Many generations to come are going to know who Ms Leiomy is...I pray that I have a daughter in the future 'cause she will definitely know how to Dip for the Gawds because of you.


Leiomy has spun and dipped her way all over the globe visiting countries such as Germany, Italy, France, and the Czech Republic to judge international dance competitions and balls, as well as to perform and teach her iconic style of dance. Leiomy has begun to tour colleges and universities, facilitating beginner’s voguing workshops as well as educating both faculty and students on the history of vouging. An advocate for LGBT rights, Leiomy utilizes her platform to speak out against injustices suffered by the LGBT community, especially those against those of trans experience.
A trailblazer with immense talent, intelligence, beauty, and passion to inspire, Leiomy Maldonado is truly a Wonder Woman. To think, this all is only the beginning of her reign.